Handmade Box Chain

Woven chains are beautiful and who doesn’t like to have one. Made from jump rings, I thought I make one, that is for a change soldered. And this is the result; a beautiful Box Chain in sterling silver

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First I had to cut lots of jump rings and with lots, I mean really; lots of jump rings, using 1mm sterling silver wire and happy cutting with my handsaw 🙂

Box Chain handmade sterling silver 05-05-2016 13-12-36

Taking the wire from the mandrel off, ready to be sawed into jump rings

handmade sterling silver box chain soldered 02-05-2016 13-18-23.23

Starting to wave the jump rings and every 2 jump rings I needed to solder, being very careful not to unsolder any already made connections like this:

handmade sterling silver box chain soldered 02-05-2016 13-13-46.46

Taking every jump ring and my favourite blow torch… make sure other solder points aren’t in the way and off you solder

handmade sterling silver box chain soldered 02-05-2016 13-14-36.36

Tidying up every jump ring after every soldering and don’t be lazy, you will never be able to do it later properly.

Not a quick project but a very satisfying one, when you are ever going to be finished. The result speaks for itself. Good luck if you are going to make one. And if you rather like to buy it, well I don’t mind that. This bracelet is available at my Etsy Shop

Thanks Barbara