Barbara Mucha Jewellery Designer


ChaByDesign is a handmade jewellery range. Imaginatively designed and expertly handcrafted by me, Barbara Mucha, in my environmentally friendly studio located in Wolverhampton. Using traditional and modern techniques to ensure you own a work of finely finished unique art – wearable and lovable.

Complemented with Gemstones, Freshwater Pearls or Gold I offer a wide range of Sterling Silver Jewellery, from earrings to bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Made with Love, Care and Dedication every item I make is as individual as you are.
Enjoy shopping and wearing the jewellery I designed and made!

About me

I grew up in the Russian part of Germany. Unfortunately I was classed as political incorrect (I did not conform to their political doctrine) and so as a punishment I was refused to go to college/university. But they could not take away my creativity. First of all I wanted to be a fashion designer – in the Russian part of Germany was not a lot going on with fashion… I wanted to change it… but unfortunately political doctrine did not let me grew with it. I could only make and design clothing and accessories for my family and friends.

When the wall came down I worked as a production manager in one of the biggest newspapers in Germany. This was fun – I love big machinery but I still had the urge to be creative. I wanted to home educate my children which is not possible in Germany so I decided to moved to England and follow my dream of being creative to set up my own business making and selling ceramics

I was also working with metal. I started by combining it with clay and from there came the idea to work with precious metals and going a lot smaller in my pieces.

And now I am concentrating on jewellery. I love details and accuracy and strive to get perfection. All these sawing, soldering, filing and polishing the tools I’ve got to make… When I am looking at the jewellery and I find more and more little things I absolutely love about it and the happiness I get from making it I know this was the right decision, this is what I want to do. It is so rewarding when I look at the finished product and I know: I did this; that is my work; My partner just laughs when I jump in excitement and say to him “look how shiny I’ve got it…” Never mind madness belongs to creativity.

Enjoy wearing the jewellery I designed and made on many occasions to come and feel good.



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