Daisy Hook Earrings handmade sterling silver

Daisy Flower

After we had so much snow and such frosty temperatures, we just have miserable rainy weather left. Can’t wait for spring and sunny days? Here is a little alternative; Daisy Flower sterling silver jewellery, to shorten the waiting time and as a little reminder of sunny days, they surely will come… sooner or later. Meanwhile you might like to check them out:

There are Daisy Flower Earrings; little flowers hang beautifully on sterling silver ear wires.

Daisy Flower Necklace; matching to the earrings and suitable for every day wearing

and to complete the set; Daisy Flower Bracelet

Daisy Flower Bracelet handmade sterlingsilver 03-10-2016 11-50-15

Made from sterling silver, a beautiful set as treat for yourself or a special gift for your loved ones. Available at my Etsy Shop



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I am Barbara Mucha a jewellery designer passionate about designing and making jewellery. In my inviromentaly friendly studio located in Wolverhampton UK where I use modern and traditional techniques to ensure you own a finly finished piece of jewellery unique and individual as you are.

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